At ARCHIPELAGO Restaurant we seek out the finest culinary influences from around the world and fuse them, bringing together the exotic, the exciting and the unexpected right here in the centre of London. Until now, many of our globally inspired ingredients have remained undiscovered by the Western European palate, which is why we offer the journey, and the key to unlock a world of flavours.

Visitors to ARCHIPELAGO discover an uncharted culinary adventure as they experience a tapestry of tastes and cultures. We take pride in our exotic ingredients like crocodile, kangaroo, zebra and bison, and celebrate the traditional with chicken and fish as well as inspired vegetarian options. For the truly pioneering, we do have some really ‘out-there’ ingredients like chilli and garlic locusts and crickets, and meal worm faux caviar. These are tactfully kept to optional side dishes!

Our aim is to broaden culinary knowledge and experience, to celebrate diversity, and to show that the unfamiliar can be exciting, delicious and very good for you. For example, kangaroo, crocodile and zebra are extremely low in fat and cholesterol and therefore provide great alternatives to beef and lamb. All our ingredients are organic, free range and are either farmed or are part of a nationally recognised culling programme. We use nothing that has been irresponsibly taken from the wild.